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From 2014 till 2018 the First World War will widely be commemorated and not at least in Flanders. For four yearsLangemark-Poelkapelle will be the place for those who want to pray for peace. Peace icons from here and abroad will take the floor and encourage everybody – and in particular the youth – to go on working for peace.

The steering committee has formulated the following mission:


In commemoration of ‘the Great War‘ peace vigils will be organized inLangemark-Poelkapelle, a village that was completely demolished during the First World War. German soldiers as well as Allies have found their last resting-place in its soil.Langemark-Poelkapelle has therefore become an excellent place for those who want to work for peace and reconciliation.

Peace Vigils Langemark 2014-2018 is an initiative of open-minded Christians who intend to involve members of different religions and ideologies. Everyone who cares about peace, whatever his or her background may be, are welcome.

Three times a year a peace vigil will take place in the Saint-Pauls Church, Langemark, from November 2014 till November 2018.

These vigils will unite people who cherish peace and want to fight whatever threatens it. One of the main concerns is to appeal to young people.

The concept of ‘peace’ is not only understood in its narrow meaning, as ‘absence of war’, but also as truth and justice, respect for human rights, charity, compassion and reconciliation.

Each peace vigil will put a specific theme into the picture: in word, image, testimony, story, music and community singing.

Each time a special guest from here or abroad will be given the floor.


Wakes of Peace 2014-18 is an initiative of the following joint partners:

  • Pax Christi Flanders
  • Centre of Peace Ethics, KU Leuven
  • Network Justice and Peace
  • IJD Flanders
  • Diocese of Bruges
  • Parish Federation Saint-Pauls Langemark-Poelkapelle
  • Town council of Langemark-Poelkapelle

Members of the steering committee:

Jo Hanssens (Pax Christi Flanders), Jan Vanden Berghe (Pax Christi Flanders), Roger Burggraeve (Centre of Peace Ethics KU Leuven), Marcel Cloet (Network Justice and Peace), Lotte Beernaert (IJD Brugge)

Paul Breyne (General Commissioner for the Commemoration of the First World War in Belgium), Jan Breyne (honorary secretary of the city of Ypres), Filip Debruyne (Deacon in the Diocese Brugge)

Bart Demuynck (Moderator of the Parish Federation Saint-Pauls Langemark-Poelkapelle), Alain Wyffels (Mayor of Langemark-Poelkapelle), Lieven Vanbelleghem (Alderman in Langemark-Poelkapelle)

Sien Derdaele, Luc Descamps, Robert Missinne, Philip Van Eecke, Peter Peene (members of the local community Langemark-Poelkapelle)


Peter Peene
Markt 15
B-8920 Langemark

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